Katherine's Story

Katherine Manzini discovered her passion for vintage fashion in the early 70's, when she began selling antiques at flea markets in the bay area and L.A.  Wearing vintage clothing for personal style soon became collecting, and then selling.  She opened her first vintage bridal shop, Ages Ahead, in Palo Alto in 1970.  As her collection and expertise in the trade evolved, a natural evolution was to branch out of bridal and into mens' and womens' vintage fashion. Trappings of Time opened its doors in downtown Palo Alto in June of 1997.  As a sister shop to Ages Ahead Vintage Bridal, just around the corner, Trappings of Time featured vintage fashion and accessories for men and women spanning a dozen decades.  Over the years, Trappings of Time expanded into authentic and replica costume rentals for private parties and commercial film, growing into a successful store.  After the economic crash of 2008, Trappings of Time was forced to close her doors for good, but still lives on in the top trade shows of San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York, with Katherine focusing exclusively on her greatest collecting passion:  the finest antique and collectible jewelry from the orient.